These notes are kindly supplied by Mrs L Brunning, wife of the late Norman Brunning, a former official of the club and local historian. They are as far as we know true records from early club minutes.

 February 1885

 On Thursday 8th January, another concert under the auspices of the Mistley Cricket Club was given in the same place (the Norman National School)..........the result in a pecuniary sense was very satisfactory.........the chair was taken by Mr E.K.Norman.

 June 1885

 The season for the present year having just commenced, it may be as well to inform our readers that a lawn tennis club has been started in connection with it. Three good courts have been provided at the North end of the cricket ground. It has been found necessary to increase the subscription to the cricket club from 2/6d to 5s, an additional sum of 5s being payable by members wishing to belong to the tennis club. The terms of membership in the lawn tennis club are: Entrance Fee 10s, Annual subscription 5s. Family tickets are issued at one guinea each in addition to the entrance fee of 10s

 Ladies and gentleman wishing to join are requested to communicate with the captain, Mr C.K.Norman, or the Hon. Secretary Mr Charles.E.Garrad, Mistley.

 October 1885

 During the season just come to a close 12 matches have been played by this club, of which five were won, six were lost, and one was a drawn match. We give the list with dates:

 May 28th   Mistley v Harwich: Won by Mistley

 June 3rd    Mistley v Dedham:   Won by Mistley

 June?     Mistley v Ipswich Grammar School: Drawn

 June 11th Mistley v Colchester & E.Essex: Won by Colchester

 June 18th Mistley v Brightlingsea: Won by Brightlingsea

 June 24th Mistley v Hadleigh: Won by Hadleigh

 July 2nd   Mistley v Hintlesham: Won by Hintlesham

 July 8th   Mistley v Harwich: Won by Harwich

 July 30th Mistley v Hadleigh: Won by Mistley

 August 6th Mistley v Brightlingsea: Won by Mistley

 August 11th Mistley v Felixstowe: Won by Mistley

 August 20th Mistley v Colchester & E.Essex:  Won by Mistley


The Lawn tennis Tournament on Thursday 3rd September was well contested, the victory, after a protracted struggle, resting with Miss Norman & Mr C. Brooks. The prizes were; for the gentleman, an aneroid barometer; for the lady a gold bangle. The consolation prizes, consisting of a silver pencil case and silver mounted scent bottle was won by the Rev.W.Davis and Miss Norton. It is hoped that the club which only commenced this season, will receive a large accession of members now that its prospects of permanence seem well assured.


December 1885

 The first of the series of “Pleasant Evenings” for the winter season, was given at the Norman National Schoolroom on Tuesday 17th November. The lecture was a description of a journey to Buda-Pestu, the capital of Hungary. The talk was illustrated by Rev.C.F.Norman’s limelight Magic Lantern slides and musical items. It is proposed the next entertainment at the Town Hall, Manningtree on Monday 7th December, when a party of Gentlemen Amateurs will go through a programme of musical items etc.


February 1886

 A Concert in aid of the funds of the Mistley & Manningtree Cricket Club was given in the Norman National Schoolroom on Tuesday February 23rd and was well attended.

  May 1886

 The ground will be open for cricket & lawn tennis on Saturday May 1st. Ladies & Gentleman wishing to join the club are requested to communicate with the Hon Secretary, Mr Charles.E.Garrad, Mistley.

 June 1886

 A “Dramatic Entertainment” was given by Miss Lilian Levey and a few friends from Colchester at the Town Hall Manningtree on Thursday 20th May for the benefit of the Cricket Club funds ...........We regret to hear that the funds of the club will not materially benefit by the entertainment.


List of matches for June 1886

 Thursday 3rd June v Hintlesham & Hadleigh at Hintlesham

 Saturday 5th June v Ipswich Grammar School at Ipswich

 Wednesday 16th June Kelvedon at Mistley

 Thursday 25th June Brightlingsea at Brightlingsea


List of matches for July 1886

 Tuesday 1st July v Ipswich Grammar School at Ipswich

 Wednesday 7th July v Harwich at Harwich

 Thursday 22nd July v Hintlesham & Hadleigh at Mistley

 Thursday 29th July v Clacton on Sea at Clacton


September 1886

 A lawn tennis tournament attracted many visitors to the Mistley & Manningtree cricket ground on the same day (August 24th) and afforded much amusement both to spectators and players......during the season that had just come to a close, 13 matches had been played of which 8 were won,4 were lost and 1 was drawn.


October 1886

 The Mistley & Manningtree cricket club bought a most successful season to a close by a match between eleven of the club and twenty two composed of members of the club and residents of the neighbourhood.. The weather was delightfully fine and numerous spectators attended who evidently enjoyed the game most heartily. The club put a strong eleven in the field, whilst the twenty two had the assistance of Mr G.T.Taylor, as their captain. As might be expected, the raw hands fared rather badly being “all out” for 48 runs. The eleven then handled the willow, but only succeeded in scoring 84: The fielding of their opponents being very commendable.

 In their second effort the veterans fared much better, having had their nerves settled during the interval, and when time was called they had compiled 68 runs for 10 wickets. In the evening, the players and their friends9 numbering between 60 & 70), sat down to a bountiful repast provided by Mrs Wilson at the “Thorn Hotel”. The president of the Club (Rev C.T.Norman) was in the chair and after the meal was over, toast and song following one another in quick succession, a most enjoyable evening was spent. Some capital songs were given by Messrs N.Howlett, N.R.Green, C King, G.T.Taylor, S.S.Parsons, F.Dennis, A.Stewart, and W.B.Sharp.

 Mr Howlett accompanied in his well known efficient style, his services contributing in no small way to the success of the gathering.


In responding for the club, Mr G.K.B.Norman said that of 13 matches played during the season, the club had won 8, lost 4 and 1 match had been drawn. Mr C.E.Garrad the Hon Secretary( to whom we are indebted for this report) in replying to the same toast gave a brief account of the funds. He said that two years ago there was a debt of £30, which was increased by £10 at the end of the 1885 season. Both of these amounts have been cleared off by the liberality, to a great extent, of the members and he anticipated that when the accounts for the present year were closed the remaining deficiency would be about £10.


In acknowledging the toast of “the honorary members” Mr E.K.Norman said he would like to see the club entirely free from debt and should have much pleasure in subscribing a guinea for that purpose. Several other gentleman in the room came forward with smaller donations, and thus it is confidently hoped that in a short time the debt will be got rid of.


December 1886

 A very successful concert was given at the Town Hall, Manningtree on Wednesday evening November 24th in aid of Fund for the Mistley and Manningtree Cricket Club. F.M.Nicholls Esq. Had promised to take the chair, but at the last moment he was prevented from fulfilling his engagement. His place was however filled by C.K.Norman, Esq.

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